SEO Case Study – ABA Therapy provider

Client Details 

Our client provides in-home ABA therapy in Atlanta for children with autism. 

Parents come to our client’s site and call or fill out a form to start the approval process. After their insurance approves the therapy sessions, a therapist is assigned to their child.

The industry is rapidly growing and our client wanted to scale up their organic web presence. 

Client Organic Goals:

We needed to get our client to rank for the local bottom of the funnel keywords such as: 

  • aba therapy atlanta
  • aba therapy atlanta ga
  • aba specialists atlanta

Additionally, we needed to improve our client’s authority in the autism/aba therapy niche as the client had plans to expand into other locations. 

First steps:

As we do for any client, the first step was to perform an in-depth audit of the site to find and fix any technical issues that could affect our rankings. Some of the items we examined in the audit were the:

  • Server health and security 
  • Page Response Codes
  • Page indexability 
  • Site architecture
  • Backlink Profile
  • Meta Data
  • Site Speed

We also set up keyword tracking and analytics goals so we could measure our growth.

GMB optimization:

Having a well optimized GMB profile was critical for our client’s local SEO. We created an optimized GMB profile with the clients business information, compelling descriptions, high resolution photos, etc.  

Content Creation

With the technical SEO and the GMB profile handled we were now free to move on to content creation. Using our proven content creation method we created a landing page that would be able to rank for the atlanta based keywords. 

We then focused on creating supporting pieces of ABA therapy content that we could use to interlink to our landing page. This strategy allowed us to grow our users while helping our main pages with its rankings. 

Additionally, we built out content for general autism queries as we wanted to be seen as an expert in this niche by the Search Engines.

Link Building

With the SEO ship assembled it was time to add the rocket fuel a.k.a backlinks. Backlinks are incoming links from other pages on the web to our site. Google treats these backlinks as a ranking factor so it is important to acquire the right ones. 

We focused our link building efforts on sites that were related to our niche (autism, healthcare, etc.) with strong traffic profiles. Every link we acquired passed through our rigorous inspection standards to make sure it would be a win for our client’s backlink profile with the Search Engines.  


The challenges that we faced with this client were:

  1. No authority with the search engines: The client had not done much in SEO before we came onboard. Therefore, the site had no authority with the search engines. In fact the SEO tool AHREF ranked our Domain Rating score at 0 (Domain Rating (DR) shows the strength of a website’s backlink profile). 

By focusing on creating well researched and engaging content for ABA and autism related topics we were able to quickly gain authority in the search engines eyes. Additionally, our backlink building helped increase our DR score to 22. 

  1. Core Web Vitals (CWV): The client had a low CWV score. Core Web Vitals are three metrics that score a user’s experience when loading a webpage and is a big ranking factor for Google. 

Using our tools and experience we came up with a plan for the development team to implement that would lead to an increase in our overall scores.  

  1. Competitive Niche: ABA therapy is one of the fastest growing autism related services in the country. Therefore, the competition was strong. By researching our client’s competition we were able to come up with strategies to overtake them in the Search Engine Results Page.  


So what were the results?

We took over the account in June of 2021. At that time the site was averaging around 60 users a day. Fast forward to today and our client is averaging over 700 users a day!

Looking at Google Search Console we can compare the latest three months of 2022 compared to the same time from 2021:

2022: 54,200 Clicks and 1,610,000 Impressions

2021: 28,500 Clicks and 700,000 Impressions

That is a growth of 25,700 Clicks and 910,000 Impressions! 

And here is the traffic growth over 16 months where we went from 4,000 Impressions a day to 20,000 Impressions per day:

Additionally, we are now ranking near the top of page 1 for all the main money keywords. For example:

KW: ABA therapy atlanta

In the 6 month comparison we went from an average position of 15 to 5.9  

KW: atlanta ABA therapy

In the 6 month comparison we went from an average position of 24.7 to 6.1  


We hope this case study gives you a better understanding of how our SEO services work. SEO is an incredibly important part of any marketing strategy and we have the skills and experience to help your company grow its organic footprint.

If you want to know more please reach out and speak to an account manager. They will be happy to walk you through the process and help grow your company’s online presence. 

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