The Power of Blogs

In this article we are going to show you how we grew a client’s traffic by 696.87% in a couple of months! 

If you think that 696.87% is a typo, here is a screenshot from our client analytics account:  

When comparing the time periods in question we see the following:

5/18/20-8/31/20: 7,030 New Users.

9/01/20-12/15/20: 56,020 New Users!    

So how did we get such amazing results for our clients? 

While some would say we used black magic, it really comes down to utilizing the power of blogging using our article creation process.  

Let’s start at the beginning. 

The client 

Our client is a IV therapy provider and has been in business for over 5 years. Their IV bags are packed with nutrients that help with the following categories: 

  • Hangover treatment
  • Overall wellness 
  • Athletic improvement
  • Beauty and skin care
  • Immune boosters

They provide their services through their nursing teams and are located in three popular party cities ( Las Vegas, Miam, and LA). 

On-boarding the client 

The client had a well designed shopify website. However, their traffic had been stagnant and they were looking to get more aggressive with their marketing budget.

After the client was on-boarded we put them through our standard audit process to uncover any weaknesses in their site. 

This included the following:

  • Performing a Server and Security Check
  • Running a Self Crawl
  • Checking the site’s indexability
  • Checking the Site Architecture
  • Auditing the Link Profile
  • Making sure Google Analytics was set up correctly
  • Performing a Site Speed And Mobile Usability Check
  • Optimizing their GMB profiles

Right away we realized that the client was not taking advantage of the amazing opportunities blogging presents. 

They had in the past written some articles but they never picked up any traffic and it had been years since anyone wrote for them.

We explained that they were leaving a real source of traffic untapped and we would be creating content for them to start driving more traffic to the site. 

The process

While we cannot give away all the secret’s that we use for article creation, we can give you a glimpse of our process.

Stage one: Research

  1. The first part of our process involved coming up with a list of potential topics that were related to our clients’ niche and that we wanted to rank for. 
  2. We performed keyword research using our knowledge of the search engines and our in house tools. This initial process was designed to look for keywords with high traffic volume and weaker competition. This would give us the best chance of ranking quickly.
  3. Once we had potential keywords (from our cursory research) to target we did an in depth analysis of the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages). This involved researching our competitors content, link profiles, on page SEO, and schema markup.

Stage two: Content Creation

Now that we understood the competitors of our keyword targets better we were ready to move on to content creation. 

While this process is very detailed, some of the finer points include:

  1. Creating more in-depth articles than our competition (Adding unique insights to the topic that the competition has not added, creating longer content, etc.)  
  2. Using the correct LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords that the search engines were looking for. 
  3. Optimizing the article for user readability (Using the correct subheadings, adding rich images, using an accessible reading level, etc.)
  4. Optimizing the articles URL, meta data, and schema markup 

Stage three: Link Building

Once the articles were created we moved on to the next stage of the process: building quality links from relevant sites.

When done correctly this can be compared to dousing a fire with gasoline, you will see an explosion.

Using our link building process we were able to secure quality relevant links to our articles (it helps when they are written well). 

Sure enough our tried and tested method worked spectacularly and we were able to quickly scale up our clients traffic. 


As we stated in the start of this article, after a couple months we were able to significantly grow the audience to our client’s site. 

Through an understanding of the search engines and what they are looking for, our content creation process was able to grow the clients traffic by 696.87% in a couple of months!

If you want to see what our SEO team can do for your company reach out to Centsible Clicks today.

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